About The Collaborative

The Suzuki Collaborative of Cincinnati Public Schools is a non-profit organization composed of students, parents and teachers trained in the Suzuki methodology and philosophy.

We are the original Suzuki Program of the Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS), formerly known as C.O.P.S. (Cincinnati Organization of Parents for Suzuki) and the Suzuki Cooperative of CPS. Founded in the school year 1984–1985 by Daniel Rumer, Instrumental Music Supervisor of CPS, we are in our 38th year serving CPS.

In the late 1980s, the parents formed a non profit group for supporting the teachers. They achieved 501c3 status.

Due to budget cuts in 1995, the CPS Board of Education eliminated the Suzuki Program. In response, the parent organization worked out a plan to continue the program. Parents would pay modest tuition and instrument rental fees, and CPS would continue its support, which was augmented by grant funds from the Corbett and Lazarus Foundations. Fine Arts Fund, ArtsWave and First Student have also supported SCCPS.

Program Overview

Even though students may aspire to become professional musicians, the goal of the Suzuki Method is much broader. For in learning to master a musical instrument, children learn to master themselves, and they take this sense of accomplishment with them throughout their lives, in whatever path they choose. Through the listening, group lessons and practicing, the students learn perseverance and grit.

The Suzuki Difference

Unlike other teaching programs, parents play a major role in the success of the children. It is through this robust teaching and nurturing environment that children can more deeply develop the important skills of ability, focus and memory. The results of this commitment are children who are confident, respectful and well prepared for life.

About Our Teachers

All teachers are Suzuki Registered Teachers. They have many years of experience and other areas of specialties, such as Master’s Degrees in Music Performance, Music Education, Music Therapy and Arts Administration.


Violin, viola, cello or flute.

Tuition and Schedule

Tuition is based on economic need. Our tuition structure makes our program accessible to all students in the schools we serve. We now serve all the CPS elementary school except Hyde Park and SCPA.  Lessons are individually arranged between the teacher and parent or guardian.


Follow the link below to see our organization in action:
Suzuki Collaborative of CPS

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