Welcome to Ms. Laurie Fairlie Weil’s studio

Laurie Fairlie Weil is the Suzuki flute teacher with the Suzuki Collaborative of Cincinnati Public Schools. She currently teaches at 7 SCCPS schools as well as at Walnut Hills High School and in her home private studio. She has completed and registered Suzuki flute teacher training for ECC, Books 1–8, books 9 and 11 (Mozart Concerti Overview) and additionally completed the course Teaching Tone and Expression throughout the Suzuki Repertoire.

Laurie performed for 10 years with the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra and has been a member of various classical, celtic, folk/jazz ensembles in the Cincinnati area. She has recorded several CDs with various musicians, including an album with her band, King Penguin. Laurie’s teachers include Ken Andrews, Jack Wellbaum and the founder of the Suzuki Flute Method, Toshio Takahashi. She currently freelances in the Cincinnati area.

Laurie holds a degree in Music Therapy from Ohio University. She is a board certified music therapist who worked for 20 years in adolescent and child psychiatry. Her training includes workshops in art, movement, drama and experiential therapies. She is also a Musikgarten trained teacher.

Laurie and her husband Bruce are the Suzuki parents of two daughters.

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